Prophetic Signs and Wonders Book and Movie


By Jim T. "Towers"

This is a very unusual book to say the least.

It is of a spiritual nature and written that others might also experience miracles, perfect peace, and unrestrained power that has defined the life of the writer.

This book is about my life as an ongoing evangelical Christian. Like other books, "Green Light" and "Conversations with God", (what at first appears as a rambling, philosophical tome,) my book deals with the reality of scripture through ongoing experiences afforded me by the awesome God of the Bible.

The experiences I've had are like stepping in and out of another dimension - another reality that co-exists with the one we presently inhabit.

I've been in the movie industry for over forty years and have worked as a character actor on film, television, and the stage as well. God let me experience this trade – not to be a "star" but to know people intimately and gain confidence in dealing with them, since we all have the same doubts and fears and foibles.

Since we are living in perilous and uncertain times, a time of dread and foreboding, the timing is perfect for this book to be published since it deals with the ethereal and how these unseen forces pervade our everyday lives to the extent that we let them.

In it you will read about the many extraordinary miracles that have permeated my life and how I have perfect peace in this turbulent world as well as the power to reach out to the disenfranchised and others - crippled by fear and the dubious and dangerous doubt of God's existence.

Who am I?

Jim Towers, the writer / director featured on this page, is a 45-year “born again” spirit-filled Christian.

Bold and insightful, he is a practicing evangelical Christian who lives the Christian life through the Holy Spirit who has given him insight into scripture and what it means to truly live.

Jim believes we are living in the last of the “Last Days”, and as time is running out to reach the masses he is and has been doing what he can to promote the kingdom of God through sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in various ways. Especially through his articles and now a film about the times in which we live.

Jim has been a contributing writer for RaptureReady for many years. You can contact Jim by emailing

Credit: Kelly Tyson

As most of you know I also write screenplays.

My most recent screenplay is titled "Pandemonium", which will perhaps be the state of the world after the Rapture, and could even happen during our lifetime.

A reader of my articles on and, Cathy Shreve, suggested the nugget around which this prophetic story revolves.

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come." (2 Timothy 3:1-7)

"For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in many places." (Matthew 24:7)

"Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come." (Matthew 24:42-44)

The aim of this thought-provoking film is to convince and convict the viewer of their need to repent and to receive Christ as savior.

If you like what I'm attempting to do then join with me in putting this film together in any way you can. I'm in need of producers and looking for professional actors' DP and crew as well. We will be filming interiors in Naples Florida and exteriors in Miami and Miami beach.

Apprenticeships are available.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated, and the donors name would be attached under the heading CONTRIBUTORS at the end of the film.

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By Jim T. "Towers"

This story is a continuation of the exciting things God continues doing in my life.

I was supposed to have died a while back, and sometimes I feel as though I may do so soon. But since I'm ready to meet my maker, I have no fear of death. In fact, my evangelistic zeal has only increased. Especially as I see the fast approaching of the "Tribulation period" mentioned in the book of Revelation.

Insofar as my acting career is concerned, I just finished filming a soliloquy featuring Melchior, one of the three Magi who followed the star to Christ lying in the manger. And am preparing to portray a Jewish Priest on stage.

Like I said, God is working overtime in my life, and I will be appearing on stage singing Broadway show tunes sometime in March and so I have a lot of rehearsing to do.

In the meantime, I will be signing Christmas carols acapella at a park here in Naples, Florida. Since it is a spontaneous thing no one will know until it comes out on You Tube or Twitter. From that I will stage another event the first of January. Until then, I hope to be sharing Christ whenever and wherever I can like I did the other night.

It was about midnight when I began to experience chest pains and so I had Caroline, my wife, drive me to emergency. On the way I had to plead with her to take me to the Waffle house on the way there. She thought I should get to the hospital as soon as possible but I insisted since I hate hospital food and knew they wouldn't feed me until noon the next day. Besides that, I hate saltless hospital food and their sugarless bitter coffee.

We stopped at the Waffle House and as we walked in the door, we couldn’t help but notice six young black teenagers between the ages of sixteen and eighteen sitting and standing around a booth with one young white girl between them about sixteen years old. The waitress seated us across from them and one booth down.

The young man didn’t seem menacing and were well groomed but sporting dreadlocks. I was facing them and as we ate, I looked for overt signs of potential criminality, but they were just acting cocky -as most boys are apt to do.

When we finished, I told Caroline to go to the car and wait for me. I had something I had to do. She did as I told her. God had told me to talk to these young men and I didn't want to disappoint Him. This Divine appointment was so I could warn the of the imminent Rapture and of Christ's return.

I figured the biggest oldest boy was the leader and approached him. "Are you the leader?" I asked.

The big arrogant boy looked at me with craned neck and a sidelong glance, "What's it to you?" I stepped closer and I said, "The Lord wants me to warn you boys that we are living in the last days and soon the Rapture will take place."

"I don't know about such things, but he does (pointing)".

I approached the other young man and asked, "Are you a Christian?"

He looked up sheepishly, "Yes sir, I am."

The other boys quit jesting to see where this would end up.

"Then you should know about the Rapture and End Times?"

"Yes, I do sir, but the other guys don't believe me when I talk about those things."

"Well, I'm here to tell you that we are living in the last days and that we have to get our lives in order by receiving and following Christ."

Then I reached for my wallet and handed the young man a handful of my cards. "These websites will tell you what you need to know to prepare for Christ's coming."

"Thanks man" they all said in unison.

And I was on my way to the hospital thinking God had set all of this up. The timing was too precise to have been a coincidence. Besides, as a Jewish sage once said, "With God, there are no coincidences".

An open letter to actor Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey

Dear Jim,

I had a role in The Truman Show as the bus conductor, who shouts out "All aboard for Chicago" and when the driver can't get the bus to move I shout, "OK,...everybody out!"

I'm not nearly as famous as you, so you may not remember me for the lines I spoke, but I'm sure you remember we sat together during a break in the movie. I noticed you were sitting alone while director Peter Weir went off to have a break alone somewhere. The director Peter Weir introduced us at my arrival on the set. Not knowing anyone else on the set I noticed you were sitting alone and might like to have some company.

As I approached you, I could hear the boom box you had next to you between the two directors' chairs. One was empty and you occupied the other. You appeared to be a rather friendly guy when we were introduced by Peter and so I approached you. With the usual smile on your face, you welcomed me to sit with you and so I took the other chair, "Come sit with me".

An Elvis Presley song was playing on the disk player and as I had approached, I couldn't help but notice it was Elvis singing "Heartbreak Hotel". He was a favorite of mine and I said so.

You replied, with your smile widening, "He was my favorite too."

When the song ended, we began to make small talk that somehow drifted to the art work I do and sell in my spare time. "You do artwork?"

"Yes, right now I'm doing some pallet knife with oils."

"Wow, I do pallet knife in my spare time too."

"My son Michael is attending of the Rhode Island School of Art in Providence, Rhode Island." I added.

All to soon Peter Weir shouted, "Alright people the break is over and we have to get back to work."

I had worked with Peter Wier on a previous film a few years before as a foreign diplomat in a movie named "Dogs of War", and knew him to be a perfectionist.

Being a "born again" I owe you an apology for not sharing my faith with you. But with the short time allotted us I never would have been able to get into all the particulars with you anyway.

After working on The Truman Show, I went on to other things, while you kept doing your thing (making hit movies).

A sage once said, "there are no coincidences in this world." God arranges circumstances, places and people in power to work out his long-range plans. As time goes on. I'm convinced that is true.

Incidentally, you can find this little story of our meeting in my book "Visions, Miracles Peace and Power." It is about the vision I had in Hollywood after first seeking answers to life in the books Psycho Cybernetics, Think and Grow Rich, and The Power of Positive Thinking. I was desperately seeking answers to this thing called life.

As it is, I knew the answer. But in my desperation, had ventured into fallible man-made philosophies and ideas. It was then, that God had to personally intervene.

I had become a "born again" Christian late one night in the middle of a wooded area across from where I was living at the time in Michigan. That was six years before I became a full-fledged professional actor. By then I should have known better than to seek answers from writers other than the writers of Holy Scripture, since I now believed in the God of the Bible. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well as the God of Moses and David plus a host of other godly men.

After we met and after I had viewed most of you films, I also read about your upbringing which was similar to mine as well in that we both grew up in unusual circumstances but we both kept our heads above water with a positive attitude.

Lately, I heard you were living in Hawaii and were dabbling in philosophies much like I was years ago. I thought what a shame that such a talented person should rely on such baloney and psychobabble.

Please bear with me as I explain what I know to be truth. First you should know that Christ Jesus was "The truth, the Way and the Life". Next you should know that Jesus said, "No one comes to the Father but by me."

Although you may be the decent man you appear to be, the Bible says that we are all sinners and that "all of our righteousness are as filthy rags." The good news is that "God has laid on him (Jesus) the iniquity of us all." The Father and Son have colluded to make it simple to establish a relationship with them through faith. Faith is found in the Holy Bible, "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God."

Dear friend and fellow artist, today, I would urge you to consider the God of the Bible for peace of mind and an awareness of His love for you through Christ Jesus our Savior. John 3:16 says it all, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life." Ask God to forgive you for ignoring Him and receive Christ as your savior and learn of Him and the God the Father in the Bible.

If you ever happen to visit Naples, Florida please feel free to stop by and visit. It would be good to see you again. We could talk about art, music and about spiritual things as well. I've been an evangelical Christian for over forty years and know the Bible intimately. I'm also a contributing writer at and and have had my own Christian website for several years now.

P.S. I have written of our encounter on the set of "The Truman Show" (nothing bad!) in my soon-to-be-released book, which also has many other worldly happenings in it as well. It is a book I know you will like and would be enlightening to you as well.

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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