Books and such

Let me begin by making a rash statement, and that is that everyone seems to think they are right about everything and that makes it hard to take things at face value from others. In other words, we tend to think that we are the only ones to possess ultimate truth. But truth be told, we are “programed” to think a certain way according to our genetic makeup and life experiences coupled with intellect and learning. The Bible therefore contains ultimate truth. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me.”

I’ve been ill as of late, but today I felt like myself again… thank God. So, I decided to go to the beach today and maybe do a little witnessing. The Naples Pier is closed due to the latest hurricane and so I had to go to another beach restaurant/pier up the way, which is closer but not as heavily trafficked as the Naples Peir. In any case I had gone there the week before but didn’t find anyone to talk to at length and I was feeling sick anyway, so I left. I did however talk briefly to one gentleman just before leaving, while we both waited for the tram. Today we were both boarding the tram at the very same time again! After doing a double take I said “Don’t I know you?” He replied, “Yes you do - we met right here at this exact spot last week.” We rode in silence and the Lord impressed upon me that I should pray for the man and warn him of Jesus imminent return. (I have had this happen time and again in my life where the person had been praying that someone would tell them about the things of God - I call them seekers). Some may even be desperate and so when we exited the tram, I got off first and he followed. I waited until we were in proximity and then said to him. “Looks to me like God wanted us to meet again so I could warn you about Christs soon return.” “Yeah, it’s looking pretty bad out there in the world what with all the craziness”. We talked briefly about that craziness, and he appeared concerned – (I could see fear and apprehension in his eyes). The look turned to pleading and he also told me that he didn’t know the peace of God in these times of trouble. By this time, I could tell that he was a seeker, so I asked, “Would you like for me to pray for you?” “Would you please?” The man closed his eyes, and I laid my hand on his shoulder and I made it short and sweet “Lord please reveal yourself to this gentleman through your word as he seeks your face and asks for your presence and peace.” The man thanked me. And we parted.

Time and again I’ve found that most people are seekers but are looking in all the wrong places for peace of mind and hope.

I was infatuated by Dr. Jordan Peterson when I first found him on the internet, He is a very deep thinker and I like him for being a caring person and a great communicator. As time went on, I realized that he was becoming ever more “religious”. This came about by he and his family (wife and daughter being ill - all at the same time.) They were in a deep crisis calling for deep contemplation and healing. “Is there a God out there who cares.” Until that time, it appears that all three were agnostic. Prayers began to go up to God from them in their complete and utter desperation.

Today they are all healed, and it appears that Dr. Peterson has become a zealot for the things of God! Which at one time was inconceivable for either one of them. Since then, his wife has become a devout Roman Catholic who believes in repeating the rosary religiously.

On the other hand, the good doctor is much deeper on his convictions and hardly able to understand what’s happening to him. (I would venture that he is being “born gain” by the renewing of his mind, something and he is still grappling with - since it is so otherworldly for him to contemplate.) However, as he continues to diligently study the Bible, he will eventually stumble upon this verse of scripture, (Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.)

At a time when the only respected people in the world are educated people with papers to prove it Dr, Peterson arrives on the scene to lead people who are seekers, in the right direction. My hope is that he continues to search the scriptures and finds that he has been called to do so, but for the time being he is being cautious and is even afraid to call himself a Christian since he realizes he is only a faulty man like the rest of us and has yet accepted the reality of his redemption.

The key to this ability to reach others is to know the Bible intimately, “Study to show yourself approved, rightly dividing (disseminating or parsing) the Word of God”.

It seems to me that God has ordained this highly educated man to become an Evangelist and the timing couldn’t be better. Young people are flocking to him as though he were the Billy Graham of this era. My hope is that he embraces the mantle God has given him and that he quit quoting Jung and other such men in preference to the Word of God.

Book report

Dr. David Jeremiah is another man who has my admiration. He has written a new book that explains the rapture in a unique way. Rather than preaching what he knows after years of study he explains the different facets of this phenomenon that defies all understanding and manmade science.

This book is exhaustive in understanding the rapture but he is able to make it palatable by stories he tells and of course scripture verses he shares rather than preaching what he thinks. Dr. Jeremiah also uses common sense to make sense of this very unusual phenomenon.

My book “Visions, Miracles, Peace and Power” on the other hand only applies to me and how God has dealt with me in the past and continues to deal with me in the present. The one thing that stands out is that Jesus told me I would “strengthen the brethren.” I hope that I will be able to fulfill that mandate until the very end. So far, it has been a very interesting life indeed - in spite of all the trials and tribulations I’ve endured.

We are more than conquerors through Him who died for us (Romans 8:37)

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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Don't mess with God

Have you seen the latest James Web photograph of the “Hand of God” in the farthest reaches of space? The time may soon come when this phenomenal telescope enters the very gates of God’s throne room – would you then believe in His existence?

Hand of God

Year before last, I gifted the leaders of my church with framed photos of the “Hand of God” taken by the Hubble telescope. Today a photo of the “Hand of God” taken from another direction by the James Webb telescope shows a clearer and somewhat differ perspective in the far heavens. This one however also includes God's portrait as well! (If you look closely at the bottom of the picture you will see a faint outline of the “Head of God” in profile.) The James Web telescope is allowing us to see things we never saw before in the outer reaches of space. Lately there has also been a lot of speculation about “black holes” in outer space and parallel universes. To go along with that speculation there is talk of us living within a hologram. But I beg to differ ... anyone who’s ever been hospitalized will tell you that we are “real” entities suffering real pain and hospital food – yuk!

Houston (Texas) is under assault and power is down for over a million homes and businesses, this just when the heat index is climbing ever higher. Pennsylvania is catching hell as well, with hailstones as big as softballs doing much damage to cars and windows. We in Florida are experiencing extremely hot weather too, this prompts me to believe that God is trying to get out attention. (Many young people are finally coming to their senses about the reality of God and are being baptized.)

While these are times of warnings and testing, Jesus said, “In THIS life you WILL have TRIALS and TRIBULATIONS.” Not IF or MAYBE - Nevertheless, He continues to say that He has OVERCOME the world and that there will be better times ahead eventually. Yet, mankind will do anything to avoid acknowledging or answering to our majestic, awesome, and gracious God. What is it going to take for mankind to realize that they didn’t create themselves and could never have created even a potato much less a custard apple.

In case you don't know, a custard apple is a tropical fruit with a thick skin filled with custard-like mush inside. My son grows the tree in his tropical Plant and Fruit farm on our back forty. All we’ve ever created in the world is chaos and confusion, yet we won’t acknowledge the enormity, creativity, and power of our majestic creator. Think of all of God's gifts to mankind, food, water, wind and rain, ice, veggies and fruits, flowers, grass. If we take time to smell the roses or magnolia blossoms, we can’t help but be grateful for all the beauty he has created for our enjoyment as well as countless varieties of birds and animals just for our enjoyment.

As I mentioned, on our property my son grows tropical and exotic fruit trees and plants the likes of which I had never known before. Papaya, different kinds of mangoes, tropical sugar apples and custard apples, three different types of bananas different berries for sale around the world. Trees seem to be a favorite for God to work with, providing shade and wood for humanity to make shelter and to produce Maple syrup and Cinnamon for consumption as well as rubber and let’s not forget our wide variety of nuts and Bamboo which is often used in making kitchen utensils, rugs, furniture and now bedsheets as well- while some people even eat the new and tender shoots, incredible!

But the greatest gift of all, is some intangible thing we call “Love”. That feeling that we get when we find special someone whom we want to share our lives with, a thing that happens when the endorphins in our brains run amok and make our lives worth living.

As we partake of these wonderful treats and gifts, we can’t help but marvel and thank God for His creativity. Considering all of this, we can’t say that God is wrong in chastising us. He is doing it for our own good – to salvage our eternal souls.

Yes, today, here in S.W. Florida the heat index was 101% and we will soon be going into a heat advisory, which was by some attributed to a huge solar flare, while others of us know that the Bible says that in the “Last Days” there will be immense heat waves that will prompt mankind to repent or face more of the same for eternity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way if we seek God’s face in earnest and receive Christ as Savior and Lord. Why even our most jaded and cynical comedians and celebrities are coming to terms with their shallow self-absorbed lives and being baptized, and these are people that have adoration, fame, and fortune. People like Jim Carrey and Russell Brand who are now claiming to have found Christ and being baptized as well as others. This I suspect is fear of what’s coming in the world in these- Last Days

Self- assertiveness is a wonderful thing but to put oneself in place of God is a dangerous prospect. There are way too many roads to take in life – such as self-indulgence, reckless ambition, self-pity, hate as well as jealousy. Making the wrong choices can lead to disastrous consequences especially since we will all give an account to God our father - even for every idle word. The Bible also says, “Don’t make promises to God – He will expect you to keep them”. God is a jealous God so don’t make Him get angry with you. If you do something you know is wrong confess it and He will forgive you - in the extreme.

Look at it this way, if you are a loving father and your son or daughter disobeys you – wouldn’t you forgive them if they repent and ask for your forgiveness? What decent father wouldn’t? On top of that, the Bible says God is love and He created this esoteric feeling we have come to call love. “Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thine heart soul and mind AND thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.” It’s all as simple as that.

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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Flooding in China and again in Brazil

The unrelenting rains continue throughout the world, accompanied by huge hailstones and tornadoes.

While Satan goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, distracting, deceiving, and discouraging mankind - God is also at work trying to wake up those who fallen prey to the Evil One with rain and other warning signs that should make us want to stop and examine our belief system and way of life. These events have been creeping up on us over time and are increasing in number and intensity.

Just when I thought I should take a break from writing about the incredible Biblical prophetic portents taking place across the planet; I checked the internet as I do every morning and every night, and the headlines hit me with the force of a speeding train. I knew then that I had to sit down and continue writing to those who are still living under a rock as well as those who are distracted by everyday living to notice the Biblical signs of the times, we live in – The End Times.

It's not just me overreacting to the calamity that befalls us, but many others are beginning to wake up to the reality that the Bible is proving to be true in every respect. In the Bible, the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation highlight the events that we are experiencing today.

So, fasten your seatbelts - here we go.

Los Angeles is experiencing another round of flooding and there is flooding in Huston Texas as well. China, Russia and Pakistan are drowning in water, there is flooding everywhere. Tornadoes and large hail stones continue to pummel the earth. Along with the physical signs that something even more devastating is at play just around the corner - there are many social events as well. Events like social unrest – more noticeable in the protests of the foolish young who think that by shouting and setting fires is going to swing others to their way of thinking, it’s a tug of war on college campuses with spurts of Christian revival and baptisms here and there but violent protests far outweigh those events with hundreds being arrested. (I can’t wait to see if they will be given stiff prison sentences like the Jan 6 people who have been jailed.) And last but not least, is antisemitism with Jews being persecuted across the planet. In the book of Deuteronomy God says he will turn against the Jewish people to the extent that they deny Him and make them a scapegoat to other nations.

Meanwhile, the Israeli war heats up with Hamas attacking Israel from Lebanon and Ukraine and Russia step up their war killing and maiming thousands. What a mess!

I called my friend Rick D. in Miami to see how he was doing after the loss of his mother and father, and we started talking - just like “old times” when we discussed deep spiritual matters late into the night. The troubles then were a cake -walk in the park compared to the troubles we see today. Without prompting, Rick talked about the craziness that was sweeping the world, a world where men are now thought to be able to give birth, (the only birth I ever saw a man give - lay at the bottom of an unflushed toilet stool).

John B. my collaborator in England reports that Ezekiel 38:8 tells us what has to be in place for the Gog Magog invasion to occur. “After many days, you will be called to arms,” referring to the Gog coalition. “In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, and now all of them live in safety.” Neither of them has anything good to report on their end.

Also, this week, Time magazine published an article titled “A million-dollar Middle East Peace Plan” which I encourage you to read. It lays out a scenario for peace between Israel and its Middle East enemies that is chillingly like what the Bible predicts. The author, Kai Bird, says, “This conflict is so dangerous that the time has come for the international community to impose a solution.” A compelled solution to the nations? That is precisely what Daniel 9:27 say, “He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.'” But who’s the “He” in this scenario? I leave that for you to speculate.

Churches in the US are closing down, and fewer people attend church than before. In 2019, over 4,500 Protestant churches closed, but only 3,000 new churches opened. Similarly, according to recent studies, 92% of United States churches had 250 or fewer people attend weekly worship services. There has been a noticeable trend in recent years: an increasing number of individuals are opting out of regular church attendance. From societal changes and shifting cultural norms to personal beliefs and experiences, the landscape of spirituality is evolving, and with it, so are the dynamics of communal worship.

While mankind was given the privilege to share the Good news of the gospel with their fellow man, we humans have desecrated and bungled that privilege with our typical desire for monetary gain and power.

But while many churches are closing for lack of leadership and hypocrisy. God is on the move to get people to repent on His own, so I’m able to close this article with a good report - that many young people in some universities are turning to Christ and being baptized in droves, here in this country. This goes to show that people are responding to God’s global threats and calamities so let’s keep praying for the salvation of mankind like never before while taking cover under Gods wings.

My book report:

In his latest book, Senator Josh Hawley writes about the Masculine virtues America needs. This jibes with what is happening with young American men today. It’s too bad that the rioting students haven’t read this book. Josh is a good communicator and has a good head on his shoulders (as every good servant of God should). Most of what he teaches comes straight from Biblical precepts and stories. Albeit this book may be too little too late in arriving. Still though, it's better than nothing.

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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If you don't know Christ...

If you don't know Christ... then you're the most miserable of men.

The above is a bold statement but it's true.

Christ is from where hope springs eternal. He makes life worth living.

Without Him you are doomed to a life of futility, and we all have had a taste of that, haven't we? Thank God we don't have to reside there.

I think this verse of scripture says it all: "This is the record, that God has given us eternal life and that life is in His son; He that hath the Son hath life – he that hath not the Son hath not life – but the wrath of God abides on him." Yikes! We can understand that since even human beings would react in the very same way. Suppose you give a vary valuable gift to someone and they trample it underfoot. You would be angry – wouldn't you? Yet we do that very thing with God's precious gifts - taking them for granted.

A new study from psychological researchers in Finland, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, finds a positive correlation between an individual's commitment to social justice beliefs, including "intersectionality", "antiracism" and "wokeness", and experiencing a life full of anxiety and depression. Do I have to explain that to you?

Many Bible verses are self-explanatory, some take a little more thought. Nevertheless, it is not contradictory as some would have us believe. I am reading through the book of Revelation for the umpteenth time and I have come a long way since I first read it. It is beginning to make more and more sense to me now. Now I know who the Dragon is, and who the Beast is – at least in my understanding – which is something I can live with.

AI is hidden in there as are some of the other entities. But as time marches on God will reveal to less arduous students of scripture some of the other mysteries – just like He promised: "I will pour out my spirit on all flesh in the Last Days..." which to me means knowledge of scripture plus the power to use these words to convince people to repent and seek Gods face. Otherwise, what's the point? Self-glorification – I think not. If anything, it makes a person subject to ridicule and his "friends" a point of jealousy – after all – who wants to be made out to be slothful in their so called shallow and effectless faith? "Faith without works is dead."

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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Listen up

We might just be the terminal generation.

Every day now Holy Scripture is being fulfilled, all while many Christians sit in the pews checking their stock portfolios on their cell phones, oblivious to the preaching pastor who struts the podium and talks about nothing spiritual - while finding it hard to get the congregants attention. All while, the older people fall asleep as the pastor drones on about the Superbowl. Most have never read the Bible, let alone prophecy which is being fulfilled all around them.

Meanwhile, our country and the world continue to fall apart, thus fulfilling the prophecies of the Bible. Earthquakes abound, weird weather dominates the news everywhere, with worldwide storms continue unabated like never before. Young people resort to taking drugs to ease the pain of confusion and hopelessness. Without a sense of right and wrong- they resort to violence and mind-numbing drugs. “Doesn’t anyone care about me!” they scream inwardly. Even as these catastrophic events continue, others go about life as usual oblivious to their desperate cry for help stepping over their prone bodies as the go to work or play.

Now the world news cycles are focusing on UFOs which are becoming commonplace in the skies.

Last night as I watched Unsolved Mysteries, I was mesmerized by an event that took place in Michigan, my home state - on Lake Michigan to be exact. Sometime - back in the eighties many people along the coast spotted an anomaly in the skies over the shore, a group of lights that broke apart and came back together again as if they were playing hiding - go seek with one another. One person who lives near the beach said that it had a stream of water not unlike a waterspout emanating from the bottom of the disk like flying object. (I speculate it having to do something with the propulsion system using H2O and was sucking it up into the craft.) In any case, there were reports of sightings from across the area, including from a weatherman who tracked the objects with radar used in tracking weather systems. Since retiring the weatherman says he is going to get to the bottom of the matter by interviewing as many people as possible who witnessed the event. I would ask, “To what avail”?

If he had read the Bible, he would have known that it was a clear sign of that we are living in the end times – It was a sign that we might be the terminal generation - or better yet - a warning of it being imminent.

Obviously. God let these people have a glimpse behind the vail of His parallel universe just enough to wake them up – It was just a warning (portent) from the unseen world – a world in which unseen forces and entities reside. Heavy, right?

Afterward I finished the night on the internet watching an interview by Pierce Morgan who was interviewing one of my favorite people in the world, world renowned Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a deep thinker who is just beginning to read the Bible and trying to make sense of it - as well as appearing on YouTube and has become a very influential man the world over.

Even so, the lectures are resonating with young people across the globe. This man has been a Godsend to many - although liberals hate him for exposing their hypocrisy, lunacy, and outright madness.

Dr. Peterson, being new to the faith is trying to make sense of the Bible not yet realizing that without the Holy Spirit we can’t have Spiritual discernment. I have sent my book out to him with the hope that he will read it and find some answers to the profound questions he ponders. Plumbing the depths of human rational just doesn’t cut it. When he is asked if he believes in God, he deflects by saying, “I try to live as though he exists”. But without faith it is impossible to please God. He also seems to believe we can rationalize and pull up our own lives by the proverbial bootstraps, or rational thought, but while some can, others cannot, they just don’t why they can’t quit certain sins, faults, and foibles (only the Holy Spirit can help us overcome these traits) – fear is a common denominator. Fear of the future, fear of not having enough to eat or what to wear. Fear of what others may think of us, fear of heights, fear of their own shadow even.

Phobias abound making Dr. Peterson relevant, and at least he is trying where some church leaders fear to tread not being aware of their own motivations while Jesus admonishes us not to fear anything saying, “If we fear God, we have nothing else to fear.”

My hope is that Dr. Peterson will read my book “Visions, Miracles, Peace, and Power” for a couple of reasons, First - being a new Christian of only six years, this happening is outside his preview, and aside from that his wife has recently become a Roman Catholic and he is listening to her about such things. You see, he and his wife and daughter were very sick for a long time, and I suspect that in praying caused by these tragic circumstances they were all forced to do so - each of their own volition. After they were all miraculously healed at about the same time, he had to admit that God had answered their desperate cries for help. This drew them each closer to God who became more real to them, (until then Dr. Jordan was an agnostic as was his wife.)

Relying on his keen intelligence as a deep-thinking professor and psychologist, Peterson has tried to rationalize everything he taught to his university students and now to the general public via the books he has written. Today, he goes about trying to make up for lost time by advocating for the faith even going so far as holding Bible studies on You Tube with other so-called world-renowned intellectuals.

Jordan is still grappling with the Christian faith and his latest endeavor is called “We who wrestle with God” something that he can’t quite understand because he is afraid to appropriate the Holy Spirit and not being able to live up to God’s high standards thus the name of his latest lecture series, “We who wrestle with God.” Little does he know that a person need not wrestle with God - but only submit to Him.

In my book I talk about my conversion experience (Which is quite different than his- as all testimonies are) but with one caveat - and that is that we can only be saved by grace through faith, (something even Martin Luther had to deal with in the early stages of his conversion after he broke away from the Roman Catholic Church.)

Insofar as the Miracles are concerned, all three family members were healed from life threatening illnesses (at approximately the same time). Now if that doesn’t constitute a miracle – or miracles, then I don’t know what does.

Although Dr. Peterson is doing the best, (humanly speaking) that he can with what he knows and has jumped feet first right into the Power portion – as he interprets it - but is still only treading water. A person needs to be able to swim powerfully to be effective.

Jesus said to His disciples, “You shall receive Power after that the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses in all the world.” But something happened along the way and far too many Christians have become too worldly to do any spiritual good.

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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Redeeming America

Jesus said, “Talk is cheap.” Anyone can talk unless they are unable to for one reason or another. If ever there was a time to reach out to our fellow man - now is that time – before we lose our country to the Satanic enemy.

In keeping my readers informed of world events and the spiritual climate of our country, I can’t help but run into videos of so-called drug zombies and the homeless on the internet where most of my research is done.

Last night I stumbled onto videos of the multitudes of hopeless mostly drug addicted young people across our once great country. Blue states are the main gathering places of the hopeless and dying since they kicked God to the curb but now the problem is epidemic across the nation.

Now there is no hope for these atheists and agnostics who instead pinned their futures and hope in man - which is a false hope.

What a heart wrenching scene it is to see women lying on sidewalks and men standing in one place bowed over with lifeless arms dangling at their sides - frozen in time and caught between hell and eternity.

Not to mention lawlessness.

I think God would be pleased to see Christians put our money where our mouths are – as it were.

We instinctively know what we should do – and that is to help these hopeless people for God’s sake. As for me, I feel called to do just that in one last attempt before the rapture to redeem - at least - some of these lost souls from the snake pit of drugs, and hopelessness through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With time running out, it is imperative to quit playing church and get real with God and our destitute fellow man lest we lose our country all together.

Beginning today, I will be taking names of those who Want to participate in this endeavor.

Jesus said, “Only those who throw their lives away for my sake will know what it truly means to live.” I know that to be true in my life.

This of course will take some planning and organization and will begin only when we have the resources for food and lodging and the rain dries up in Miami.

Our banner is the American flag /Christian flag, and our songs that should draw a crowd are:

  • "Battle Hym of the Republic"
  • "Glory Hallelujah"
  • "Soldiers of the Cross"

It would be helpful to have a videographer to film the action and get some testimonies along the way on camera. If you are so inclined, please contact me.

Beginning in Miami Beach Florida, (If the flooding has subsided) during Spring Break which begins March 4th.

This isn’t just about preaching but loving and ministering to those we encounter. At the same time, we will distribute “little red bibles” with the plan of salvation in them and pray for some of the neediest. If possible, we may also distribute bottled water to some who need it.

If you can join us, we will all meet in a designated area such as the Cracker Barrel restaurant on the in Naples on the twenty fourth of February and again on at a designated meeting place on March 4th on the beach at a Dunkin Donut’s store ready to pay for our own food, transportation, and shelter.

This venture is not for the timid or shy but only for those who are strong in the faith and able to quote scripture verbatim like I do in my outreach encounters. No attention seekers need apply.

Here are examples of drugs sweeping the nation due to hopelessness.

If you are unable to come along with us but have a bulging bank account, you can contribute to our cause.

If not, you can at least pray for us and your fellow man.

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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World War III Threatened and Still More Signs

The signs of the times continue without abating. In fact, they are getting to be even more prevalent and devastating. With continents splitting apart and new sightings of UAVs (UFOs), that leaves little doubt of their veracity. It’s only a matter of time before the rapture occurs.

A Pentagon insider on the internet revealed today that we are on the cusp of World War III. Now, whether that means one or the other really doesn’t matter – does it? (A picture of the crazed Ayatollah introduces the article on the internet.)

I used to read the newspaper daily or watch the evening news with notable newsmen and women. But now I check out the world news on the internet with videos to boot. Since the former news sources have become woke, and far-left opinions try to be ‘open-minded,’ I have given up on them completely and have not watched television in over ten years.

In a recent article, I jokingly speculated about how Joe Biden and his wayward son might deflect attention from their criminality here at home.

At first, it was as simple as bribing Ukraine with billions of dollars to keep their mouths shut about the Burisma scandal that took place over four years ago. But that well has run dry. And now the Bidens are attempting to cover their folly by igniting wars wherever possible. The Houthis in Yemen made that possible by lobbing bombs at Israel indiscriminately and targeting vessels of commerce in the Red Sea. This gives the current administration an excuse to wage war with any and all comers.

Russia, an ally of Syria, has threatened to go after us for bombing Syria yet again, along with Israel. They threatened to target the U.S. and UK for doing so, thereby setting the stage for World War III, or, as the Bible says, the first war of Gog and Magog.

Iran is readying its forces for all-out war with Israel – even as we speak – and Joe Biden probably couldn’t be happier. Whew! Has the Biden family dodged the bullet yet again with war breaking out on all fronts and deflecting from their own troubles here at home?

The Biden criminal family has been in operation for years while Joe was becoming the youngest congressman in U.S. history back in the day. Today, they even have the audacity to produce a film about the proposed innocence of their activities. Great idea, reverse psychology, and outright lies. But still, there are some who believe the lies of the devil, who was “a liar from the beginning.”

With all that’s happening in the world today, I was reflecting on what I may have left undone or overlooked in my years of ministry.

Yes, I’ve shared the Gospel with family and friends and even total strangers. But Richard was a tough nut to crack.

In an excerpt from my book Visions, Miracles, Peace and Power, I detail how my coffee shop ministry came into being.

“The Dunkin Donuts shop became my ministry station, and I would go there daily for a long period of time. Before long, I began to know all the regulars, and many of them were smokers. A young man named Richard came over to me asking for a cigarette. I told him I didn’t smoke and that Christ had delivered me from the addiction to cigarettes. “So, you’re a Christian too?” he asked. And I replied in the affirmative. At this, Richard got his coffee from an adjoining table and joined me. We became fast friends. He and his wonderful family, who once owned the first Pizza shop on Miami Beach, took me in, and I slept on their screened-in porch for a time. I had lucked out; his mother made the best lasagna and pizza in the world.

We would talk about faith and church, during which I would share scripture with him. It seems he had tried to attend a couple of churches in the area but was scared away by the “Tongues” phenomenon that was contrary to his Catholic background.

Since I was also raised in the Catholic faith, we could communicate easily.

Although Rick could be a rascal at times, he was the best friend anyone could ever have. It was right around the time that I was living by the skin of my teeth with no work coming in. I was hungry one evening and popped into the donut shop hoping to find a friend who might buy me a cup of coffee, although they never did, that is, except for Richard; the then young man in his mid-thirties even lent me three hundred dollars to help me buy another van. Naturally, I paid him back promptly.

Back at the donut shop, I was becoming “The Preacher” to many of the regulars, many of whom were retired or semi-retired Jews. I made it a point to introduce myself to each one and to talk about the things that interested them. I truly found each person interesting. And because I never pushed my faith down their throats, they always respected me, and so I often initiated our conversations.

Nevertheless, I began to understand why God had me there and was able to share Christ with my newfound friends. I stayed with Richard for a couple of years since acting roles were petering out – for lack of interest – and I began to focus on my newfound ministry, going so far as starting a preaching ministry in a park nearby with Richard’s help.

Now, thirty years later, I was still trying to get a “Christian movie made and had made a trip to Miami yet again to film exteriors – even while struggling with angina.

While there, I called my old friend Richard, and he said his single brother had died, and he was now saddled with both elderly parents to take care of. A month or so later, he told me over the phone that his father had died. Finally, soon after his father passed away – his mother died too – three losses in less than a year. Now Rick was alone – really alone, and he went to stay with a sister to grieve with her for a time.

After an appropriate amount of time had passed, I wrote to him but spoke of other things to take his mind off the calamity he had just gone through. Primarily, I spoke of his relationship to God, explaining the Gospel as best I could, using scripture and nothing else (which is the way I work).

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink. That was two days ago. What could he be thinking?

Please pray for Rick.

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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Rain, rain and more rain and fissures in the ground

Remember, the little ditty, rain, rain go away, come again some other day? A song we used to sing as children.

Well today, we can count at least ten or more states across the globe that have seen life threatening severe flooding over the past few days, but this little song will do them or us any good.

The (good “ol” US of A) should be next on the following list of places targeted by Almighty God for its abortions, pedophilia, and sexual deviancy.

Iran, Turkey, Kenya, Kuwait, India, Dubai, Russia, Gaza, Arabia, Somalia, Indonesia, Romania, Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia, which is experiencing hail (of all things) as well are all experiencing Severe flooding.

On top of that, volcanic activity is at an all-time high in many parts of the world. Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, Jakarta, Guatemala, China, Alaska, the Philippines, and Ice land are suffering earthquakes and volcanic eruptions even as we speak.

Is this due to global warming or climate change? Or are they visible warning signs that the end times are finally here and that we had all better get our act together in utter humility?

Can we try to attribute this bad news of these catastrophic events to the internet that brings us news almost/or in some cases instantly. Maybe so, but not so dramatically and spontaneously. Maybe it could it be that our long suffering and benevolent Creator has become so enraged at the world’s wicked behavior, that He could be the cause of these calamities, after all, in the past He became enraged and sorry He had made man that He had to (except for Noah and his family) destroy them with the Great Flood and then later He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah when they became utterly perverse as well.

Today it could also be that God is trying to get us to wake up, and repent before he fulfills the prophetic calamities described in the book of Revelation in the Bible, then mankind will continue to experience floods and catastrophic events more and more severely as time winds down and the Rapture of the church approaches.

When the rapture does occur then for those left behind it will be too late. With the Tribulation period upon us - people will be too busy trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and mourning the loss of their family members, loved ones, friends, and neighbors - all the while experiencing more and more catastrophic events (the seas roaring, expanded war, famine, and lack of communication due to EMP attacks).

Some demented leaders may even dare to begin using atomic or hydrogen bombs – even while knowing that they would provoke their enemies to use them as well- which amounts to sheer suicide on a global scale.

As if that weren’t bad enough the love and concern for our fellow man will become cold and callous, exactly as is depicted in Mathew chapter 24.

Even here, - in usually tranquil Naples there was a stabbing in broad daylight. A young man followed a woman in the parking lot to her car after she exited a Walgreens and stabbed her twice in the back. When the police asked him why he did it he answered, “Because I wanted to!” The internet is telling of confessions of young people committing murder and showing no remorse even to the point of killing their parents.

But even with all this calamity, we Born Again Christians can be peace during these world events knowing that we will soon be gone when Christ shouts with the voice of the Archangel from above, “Come up here!” and we will fly away to meet Him in the air.

On another note; (Because of what I see happening around the world and want to do what I can to warn others like this.)

After visiting Miami and seeing the large crowds of people in front of Bayside arena on a Saturday night while doing some filming there, I thought it might be a good idea to take a group of young people in an open pickup truck and plead with them to repent and turn to God. A couple of days later, after I got home, that venture was still on my mind, so I looked for megaphone on the internet. to buy, but I put it off momentarily due to lack of enthusiasm, from the people I approached to help me.

Then Low and Behold, while Christmas shopping, I stumbled onto the very one I had opted to buy on the internet! (Was God trying to tell me something?) There it was in red and white and for the same price, and - I for one - never ever saw a megaphone for sale in a department store! Of course, I bought it. Just in case I would be able to use it.

After reading about the stabbing here in Naples and the cataclysmic floodings around the world I’ve decided to follow through if I can find a few brave souls to accompany me. My plan is to order a few hundred “Little Red Bibles” with the salvation message in it to distribute to the crowds. While I preach to them a call of repentance from the elevated bed of a pickup.

Incidentally, on 11/29/ I found a video on the internet showing a revival of sorts taking place in New York city - of all places. Many were young people who were being, so-called “slain in the spirit” and speaking in “Tongues” at the inciting of a so called “Street Preacher.”

While I don’t subscribe to these two manifestations, I won’t make any judgements one way or another.

Isn’t it funny that this phenomenon entered my mind at this point in time? Still though I’m waiting for confirmation - along with a band of brothers who would join me in this endeavor.

Knowing that evangelism is my strong point and my mandate – and that I care enough for people blinded to the truth enough to know that they are in need salvation and are looking for it in all the wrong places.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father but by me.”

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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More rain, earthquakes and now volcanoes too

And the rain just keeps a coming in Australia, Argentina, and now Noth America and California, followed by volcanic fissures erupting into volcanoes in Iceland and other volcanoes rumbling and spewing magma elsewhere. These plus earthquakes - where in China 200 have far. Oh, and let us not forget the two wars. Israel against Hamas and Ukraine against Russia.

If that isn’t enough to wake a person up, I don’t know what is.

Here is a report I received from last week’s article about the rain in Australia. Where the rain in has devastated Queensland with flooding and with crocks swimming hither and yon:

Interesting article, Jim I just read on RR. I live in Cairns North Queensland in the wet tropics, and we just had a category 1 to 2 cyclone (hurricane) that passed to the north two days ago but the rain continues. We have had nearly 18 inches of rain since Tuesday and it continues. Because we are in the wet tropics the water tends to get away but affected by tides. This year has been below average rainfall. The monsoon has failed to come for a number of years now. That will do for now. Need to keep moving – Ron

Meanwhile, we here in Florida have received a deluge of rain too, but not as devastating as the ones I posted last week throughout the world – especially no those like the one in Saudi Arabia where camels of all things were seen swimming to save their lives. Incidentally, they also experienced hail for the first time ever. Mecca was recently hit with enormous amounts of rain, while worshipers were literally swept off their feet by the high velocity winds, as well. Many are questioning their belief in Islam. They wonder how Allah could let such a thing happen since he is a loving god who instructs them to kill Christians and Jews.

The Bible clearly says that hail and torrential rain is a judgement of God. It hailed during the time of Pharoh and killed people and livestock and leveled and destroyed crops. The seventh plague in the book of Revelation is hail as heavy as a hundred pounds raining down on mankind for their wickedness and vile behavior.

Either way, whether this phenomenon is due to global warming, El Nino or Donald Trump (as liberals would have you believe.) God is fully aware of the reasons and could be using these extreme tactics to get our attention in the hope that mankind will cry out to Him in desperation – before the time of Tribulation. A time when unless Christ steps in to stop the complete madness the whole world would be destroyed.

Providentially, I, living in Florida am ensconced in area where the Gulf Stream swirls around - skirting the area and heads North. But not always. We do get hurricanes every so often but again we live out to the beginnings of the everglades which keeps us out of harm’s way. Thank God.

I for one can’t help but believe that these are warnings sent by God to get us all to repent. Even America, Christianity’s last stronghold of the Christian faith, has become so perverse that it too will face God’s warnings before the rapture of the church. Things have gotten so bad that two sodomites we caught on camera having intercourse in the Senate Chamber of the Capitol building in D.C. recently- which goes to show how vile and sick our society has become. The present Godless and perverse administration is capable of anything to demean and mock the conservative way of life and God. This Christmas a statue of Baphomet (Satan) seated on his throne and holding a child on his lap now adorns the state capitol of Wisconsin.

In these uncertain days of fear and anxiety we need a firm anchor for the soul and mind. The Bible has been mine for the past forty-five years. I have trusted in it wholeheartedly and it has never failed me once. That is not to say I haven’t at times doubted God’s word - nevertheless God has proved Himself to be faithful to His word time after time.

Albeit God sometimes encounters resistance even from Satanic beings or even his chosen ones to come to our rescue and has to find another way to meet our needs I suspect that is why the Bible says to WAIT upon the Lord, "Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint."

(God is a gentleman and He will not interfere in the affairs of men unless he’s asked to.) It sometimes takes a little longer than expected for God to answer and we must hang on the proverbial cliff by our fingernails and rely on His promises even though it sometimes seems impossible for Him to show up in time.

Meanwhile, in India, Christian revival has broken out with thousands of people receiving Christ.

So do yourself a favor and memorize the following truths found in the Bible to ward off fear and anxiety from the things we see coming upon the world.

"If we fear God, we have nothing else to fear."

"If God be for us, who can be against us?"

"God is a very present help in times of trouble."

"Every word of God is true; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him."

"You have not been given the spirit of fear, but of Power, Love, and a sound mind."

"For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

In order to appropriate these promises, a person must repent and receive Lord and savior.

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

(Credit for the image goes to Snorri Thor / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

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Putting God in a box

In present times we tend to put God in a box. So called sophisticates, phonies and know it all’s think we’ve got the Almighty all figured out. This is especially true of teachers of the Bible. Having gone to seminary who think they are the only ones who know God, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s the man who has experienced God’s presence and who knows Him intimately - that can tell you about Him. Who cares where Antioch is? Who cares about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? The so – called experts only want recognition for what they think is their profound knowledge of God and other stage performances.

They seldom refer to Him as Father but only by the word - God - which could be anyone – Allah or Gia for example. They should Try calling out to our Father in heaven on their face in agony of soul and repentance and see what happens! God will show up! And they will never be the same again. In the Bible, our Heavenly Father says” I will show myself to him who seeks me with his whole heart, and he will give me praise.”

We are seldom taught that He is a very present help in times of trouble. We think, that if He really did exist, He is asleep somewhere under a shade tree - talking a nap – or perhaps that He died a long time ago. Silly, most of us don’t realize that all things exist because He exists and that all things are dependent on His existence?

Surprisingly, there are those who try to put God in a literal box not believing the things written in the Bible. That is that God has left the scene and will not fulfill His promises when we don’t really believe He can or will.

But like the Bible says, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

God, in times past spoke audibly to the very first men, Adam, Cain and Able then Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Moses. Elijah, Elisha, and others followed. These are men who sought God with all their hearts - holding nothing back. Most others were too busy gathering berries and anything else they could eat - even thanklessly; forgetting their creator and benefactor and eventually putting Him in a box to keep from answering to Him.

Surprisingly though, He can and will do the things same today and He can work miracles as well! But He also knows what’s best for us and will deny us certain things such as a (Yacht, millions of dollars or a Mercedes Benz) we all want but don’t really need. Instead, He makes sure we have the necessities of life - if we are His – but only if we ask.

However, God likes to be thanked and conversed with like any earthy father would, yet we barely give Him a second thought as we go about seeking money and pleasure. His word (The Bible) is often ignored, and people only read it in Sunday school to impress others – with a somber and/or religious expression on their faces.

Now, imagine if you will, the Bible as a box. This box is full of gold, jewels, and precious stones. But we leave it gathering dust on your bookshelves or, on our coffee table for everyone to see, maybe even your desk. You keep just for luck or read for comfort on some far-off rainy day – maybe even to leaf through on our death bed. But that incredible book is worth more than all the treasure in the world. It can change your life completely-for the better.

Evil men have tried to destroy the word of God or to change it to suit their agenda and/or to gather followers. These teachers have tampered with it to their own destruction and the destruction of their followers. Take for example of Jim Jones or David Koresh who claimed to know more about this book than anyone else. Those are extreme modern cases. But there are other insidious so-called denominations who twist the Word of God to say things that are pure folly like the Mormons and the Jehovah’s witnesses.

Yesterday I went to my new Mission Station at Clam Pass, where a tram will take you to the restaurant/platform at the end of a boardwalk a mile away. As I arrived on foot to the boarding pavilion there was a middle-aged man standing with a female partner wearing a long-sleeved shirt and tie - and sporting a black wool fedora.

“Looks like you’re dressed for a sunny day at the beach!” I quipped in jest.

The man didn’t laugh so I continued. “I’m sorry, if I offended you, I was only joking.”

With that we continued conversing and soon I contended with what turned out to be a Jehovah’s Witness who tried teaching me a few things about the Bible. (Little did he know that he was talking to a forty-five-year student of scripture.)

I should have known what he was a Jehovah’s Witnesses what with the propensity to try to appear respectable - if not knowledgeable- at the expense of appearing foolish. (It makes me wonder if they wear ties in bed.)

I let the man talk and finally, I simply replied, “Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but through me.” At which the conversation ended abruptly -just as the tram arrived and to ferry me to my mission station. The man stood pondering what I had just quoted.

Jim’s Book Review:

As many of you know the Bible is my favorite book, I read a chapter in it every night and have been learning from it since I first received Christ as my Lord and Savior. I’ve owned the King James version and can quote many verses verbatim from it. But I’ve also owned The Living Bible, American Standard, and now the New King James. To (Study to show yourself approved, rightly dividing the word of God.)

I also recommend, “The Twelve Rules for Life” by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and “The Road less traveled” by Dr. Peck.

And just for fun and to stay ahead of the upcoming federal inquiries I recommend “The Laptop from Hell” by Miranda Divine. And as a follow up,” American Injustice” by John Paul Mac Isaak the Hunter Biden computer repairman, so that you might know what will be spoken of in the upcoming inquiry into the Biden family corruption by Congress.

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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A country in peril

Just before Obama became president, he and his communist loving friends, namely Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, were having meetings on how to bring down our Christian nation.

Today Bill and Bernadine teach anarchy in our universities and Obama's corrupt vice president sits in the office of the presidency ripping off the public.

In video recordings soon to be made public, they discussed their foolish plans at that point in time. It took years for their plan to come to fruition, and now it looks like the radical left may still get their wish to destroy our way of life and our constitution. This with the arrests of outspoken people who don't agree with their communist agenda.

If something isn't done soon, or God lets us have what we so richly deserve, Christians and conservatives alike will be forced to comply with their treacherous wishes and agenda or go to prison.

On another front, millions of dollars were given to the Ukrainians again to be silent about what they know about Mr. Biden. By fanning the flames of war, we are expected to keep our eyes on that calamity and overlook the corruption that took place between the two entities in the recent past.

But the Bible says, "Be sure your sins will find you out."" And so now, we are on the cusp of war with Russia ourselves.

In the book, "America's Cultural Revolution", writer Christopher F. Rufo tell what he knows about the radical left's plots to destroy the country and hand it over to our communist enemies.

So far, these subversives have succeeded in seeding our public institutions and government with radical and far-fetched ideas of equality and revolution.

You can say what you will about God being in control (and I agree) but He expects us to do our part in keeping the enemy at bay.

Blue states are rife with criminality and flash mobs rob and trash stores. Drug addicted young people stand frozen like zombies in the open and defecate in the streets of lawless blue cities throughout the country. The young, homeless and disenfranchised have now begun dying in the gutters of America.

People walking to work have to step over prone bodies to reach their destination. It's a literal nightmare. Hope for law abiding citizens is fading fast and except for those who know Christ - there is no peace to be found anywhere else.

This dystopian scenario was just beginning to be played out in Liberal Los Angeles when I was there. Still, who could have imagined it would get this bad?

I remember walking down Hollywood and Vine one night. I was alone and was getting a feel for the town. After a while I felt the need to empty my bladder but knowing that no store or restaurant would let a pedestrian use their facility, I figured a bar would be my best bet for relief.

Sure enough no one noticed as I made my way back to the rest room. They were too busy arguing and laughing, name calling and doing all other things that drunks do.

As I pushed the door open to leave after I relieved myself and I coughed and choked from the blue tobacco smoke that hung on the ceiling - a cloud so thick you could cut it with a knife. Then as I stumbled out onto the sidewalk, I almost bumped into a familiar figure whom I had watched on television's TBN. It was Paul and Jan Crouch. Jan peered around to see the drunk that had just stumbled out the door and the disgust on her face was palpable. I think if she had an umbrella in her hand, she'd have whacked the sin and daylights out of me. Paul kept his cool.

The bar was situated on a corner and the light was red, so I sauntered up next to the celebrity couple and waiting for the light to change I exclaimed "Aren't you Jan and Paul Crouch?" She turned to glare at me so fast I thought I saw her pink wig slip a bit. Paul let her deal with me since she was the more self-righteous one of the two. Jan glared at me thinking I was just another drunk, turned her back on me. Then the light turned green.

Once when my new wife and I were walking down the boulevard with another young couple, I, being the confident and frisky evangelical type said to our friends jokingly, "I'll share the gospel with the next person wearing a red hat." We all laughed. We had been talking about being bold enough to share Christ with anyone and this was as unlikely to happen as the man in the moon dancing.

Wouldn't you know it, I barely finished making that claim when just then a middle-aged black man came around the corner in front of us wearing a red hat and sporting red shoes! We all froze, and our friends looked at me challengingly, while my young wife put her hand over her mouth so as to stifle a giggle. "Ok wise guy, do your thing."

I took a deep breath and stepped over in front of the oncoming man saying, "Excuse me sir… do you know Jesus Christ as your savior?"

"Wat choo meen, sport?"

"I mean are you a Christian?"

"Well, I think I am. My mama was one and she always took us to church."

If I remember right. I shared the gospel with the man and that was that.

Our friends looked at each other in shock. God had a good laugh, and I don't make unlikely predictions anymore.

Ah, for the good old days.

Your brother in Christ

Jim Towers

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